[GRASS-de] GRASS does not work after installation

Otto Dassau otto.dassau at gmx.de
Di Nov 26 15:58:27 CET 2002

Hi Dieter, 

hope you don't mind me answering in german language, since this is 
the german mailing list

Hast du GRASS 5.0 als Binaerpaket oder selbst aus dem Quellcode 
kompiliert? Welches Betriebssystem und/oder Distribution nutzt du? 

Was passiert, wenn du eingibst: 

rm ~/.grassrc5


rm ~/.grassrc5
grass5 -text


> Hello everybody,
> I'm an absolute beginner with the GRASS software, so I'm sure that my
> "problem" is a rather small one:
> After installing GRASS (5.0) I tried to open the programm. Instead of
> the window, where I can set location, mapset and database a window
> with the name gis_set.tcl opens. What do I make wrong?
> Thanks!
> Dieter