[Fossgis-talk] New ILWIS Version - 3.8 beta now online

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Do Jul 14 09:20:52 CEST 2011

*** sorry for any cross posting ***

The ILWIS community is pleased to announce a beta release of ILWIS 3.8.!
This release mainly focuses on vastly improved visualization functionality.
2D and 3D visualization has been greatly enhanced. ILWIS 3.8 enables users
to create 3D visualization of all types of maps and animations almost on the
fly. Animations have been greatly improved and function now as a normal
(animated) layer in a map window. On the fly reprojection/resampling of
raster maps makes it possible to display multiple raster maps with different
georeferences. In addition, OpenGL has greatly improved rendering

Additional significant changes have been included to the 3.8 version.
•    Help Files are now available as true HTML in the browser and can be
located in the installation folder of ILWIS.
•    Time is now supported as a domain (Date + Time) as defined by ISO 8601.
•    A number of new applications for change detections, iso line,
aggregating maplists have been added.
•    Cross sections of maplists and Track profile have been included.
•    Interactive Stretching and Interactive Slicing are now available.
•    Command Zip makes a *.zip file of an ILWIS file plus all the support
files it needs.
•    Temporal Feature tracking is now possible.

Please check the release notes
20beta%20read%20me.txt) for more details.
Download at  <http://52north.org/downloads/ilwis/ilwis-308beta-1>
More information at http://52north.org/communities/ilwis/

Forum: http://ilwis.forum.52north.org/
Mailing list: http://list.52north.org/mailman/listinfo/ilwis

Best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


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