[FOSSGIS-Talk] Online mapping for beginners by CartoDB 03.12.13 22:00-23:30 (4PM - 5:30 PM EST)

Matthias Wozel mwozel at yahoo.es
Di Dez 3 11:21:31 CET 2013

Heute abend startet der Online-Kurs WEB-Mapping with CartoDB. Für alle die Lust haben, hier die Kontaktdaten. 



Beste Grüsse


Hi again mappers!
Are you ready to start making maps online? We are!
If you missed our previous email, you can find the contents down below. One thing to pay attention to:
We really encourage you to create a special free Academy account on CartoDB. They are special accounts we are creating to help ensure that 4000+ imports at the exact same time don’t clog any pipes. We have no way to migrate existing accounts, so even if you have your own account already created, we recommend you create a second account just for this course. As a reminder, here is the link to the Academy account sign-up. Don’t worry though, these accounts won't go anywhere after the course is over, they are yours to keep.

Remember that you will also need a modern browser installed on your computer. We recommend either the latest Firefox or Chrome.  
The class will start tomorrow at 4PM EST. We are going to be streaming the course using YouTube. This means that we will not have a link until the class begins. I will make the channel live at 3:45PM so that you can get it loaded. I will email you all the link at 3:45 tomorrow. I will also Tweet the link from my Twitter account and from the CartoDB account if you follow either.
We have a full staff of expert mappers to help answer your questions in real-time. There will be three ways to interact with us during the event.
	1. You can create comments directly on the YouTube comment thread. We will be watching and will try to answer everything quickly.
	2. We have a channel on IRC (#CartoDB) that you are all welcome to join. If you don’t use IRC it is very simple to get started right in your browser. You can do that by heading to this link, CartoDB WebChat. You don’t even need an account, you just need to pick a nickname and hop right on.
	3. You can Tweet us @CartoDB and we will help you out right away.
I will make all the data and links available tomorrow during the event, sodon’t worry about that. We are all really excited to help you get started making maps online! It should be easy so let’s have fun! To get you inspired, here is a map of all 4500 of you signing up over the past month, 


P.S. I just added a lot more space to the class. So feel free to share this information with your friends and family and get them signed up for the course!