[FOSSGIS-Talk] European Geosciences Union 2016: Sessions on Free and Open Source Software (Earth and Space Science Informatics)

"Peter Lwe" peter.loewe at gmx.de
Mi Dez 23 18:39:58 CET 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for abstract submissions to the EGU General Assembly 2016 is approaching (13 January 2016). I would like to draw your attention to these two sessions and invite you to consider contributions.

EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna Austria, 17-22 April
ESSI2.8 : Quality-checked Software as a safe investment in Science: Lessons from Open Source communities 
Conveners: Peter Lwe (TIB Hannover), Massimiliano Cannata (SUPSI),  Margherita Di Leo (JRC), Raffaele Albano  (UNIBAS)

Software development in community-driven global communities such as OSGeo, R and others has evolved in a symbiotic relationship with Science. Scientists benefit from software functionality developed by their community-peers and can publish their code-contributions likewise. This based on trust in mutual standards including software quality, licensing and documentation within each global community. The paradigm shift towards Open Science is a driver to adopt or extend such best practices for the use within the Earth Sciences. 
Further, while well established best practices exist within each software community, there is a lack of inter-comparability on a higher level which poses a challenge towards Science and the software communities.
This session allows scientists to communicate their current experiences and roads to the future for the interface between scientific research and community-based software development. 

ESSI3.5/GI1.5 - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Geoinformatics and Geosciences
Conveners: Jens Klump (CSIRO), Dominik Reusser (PIK), Peter Lwe (TIB Hannover), Markus Neteler (Fondazione Edmund Mach), Edzer Pebesma (IFGI)

Software is critical to the success of science. Creating and using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) fosters contributions from the scientific community, creates a peer-reviewed and consensus oriented environment, and promotes sustainability of science infrastructures.
Providing open access to source code also permits reuse of data, reproducibility of science, and creates scientific transparency. Open science is only possible when access to data is open, and data is analysed using open source software. This requires taking responsibility for software development, and adopting stewardship practices for managing, processing and disseminating scientific data products and related services.

This session will look at the growing role of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the geosciences with a special emphasis on the interoperability among established and developing FOSS-tools within geoinformatics. The session will be a forum for the latest advances in FOSS-empowered research, for successful applications of existing FOSS tools for geoscientific tasks, as for new developments in geoscience related FOSS. This session will also discuss the publication and citation of scientific free and open source software.

Please share this notice freely! 
Detailed information on how to submit an abstract can be found at: http://egu2016.eu/abstract_management/how_to_submit_an_abstract.html
The deadline for the receipt of Abstracts is 13 Jan 2016, 13:00 CET.
Further information about the EGU General Assembly 2015 can be found at: http://egu2016.eu/home.html
Browse through the sessions when available at: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2016/sessionprogramme


Best regards,
Peter Loewe