[FOSSGIS-Talk] Fwd: EARSC competition: European EO Product of the year

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Do Okt 15 13:03:23 CEST 2015

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Dear All,

The EARSC competition "European EO product of the year" will encourage 
the use of open data from GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)


European Earth observation companies understand how important it is to 
be creative, innovative, and inventive in order to react to the rapid 
evolution in the sector. The exponential increase in data available from 
all sources promises radical change and the EARSC industry competition 
will recognize this. For the first year, under the umbrella of the 
ConnectinGEO project, it will reward a company which has developed the 
most innovative product integrating an element of open data ideally 
discoverable through the GEOSS broker services.

Companies are invited to show their interest before 27th November 2015 
to secretariat at earsc.org. During the 1^st week of December a first WEBEX 
will be organized where companies may be briefed on which types of data 
are available through the GEOSS – GCI Factsheet (Recipe) and making use 
of the GEOSS Discover Access Broker (Search & Discovery API). Partners 
in the ConnectinGEO H2020 project will inform via WEBEX to potential 
entrants on the possibilities which are presented.

The competition will run over a 6 month period (December 2015-May 2016) 
during which time they may adapt an existing product, develop a new 
product or simply promote one they have already in their catalogue. 
Companies will be asked to provide a short summary of the results 
(Report should not exceed 2 pages) which will be used as statement for

the jury.

This year's award will be announced during the EARSC annual cocktail 
where the winner of the EARSC "European Earth Observation company of the 
year" is also revealed.

*Criteria: eligibility requirements & metrics*

·Any commercial product integrating an element of open data resources 
(ideally data discoverable by GEOSS Discover Access Broker).

·Note: Copernicus data is eligible.

·Report on the findings (not exceed 2 pages)

oExplain what type of innovation product the company offers using open 
data and the degree to which the product depends on the open data

oDescribe the challenge: What problem this product will solve/what 
solution will this provide? Companies should explain the circumstances 
surrounding the development of this new product

oExpected impact and clients to address


·Interest: 27th November 2015

·1st WEBEX: 1st week December 2015

·Intermediate WEBEX: guiding the companies in February 2016

·Dead-line entries: 15th May 2016

·Selection: the files will be judged by the jury to select the overall 
product winner (Period May15th-May 31st)

·Announcement: EARSC cocktail late June 2016 in Brussels

"EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989 with the
mission to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service
Industry. Their main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for
geo-information services using EO data."

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