[FOSSGIS-Talk] QGis actions

Martin Schneppmüller mstrms2000 at gmail.com
Mi Feb 10 20:04:46 CET 2016

Hallo Kai,

QGIS kann doch über das Plugin Spreadsheet Layers Excel Tabellen einladen
und als Punkte darstellen. Die Tabelle kann dann auch in QGIS bearbeitet
werden suchst du so etwas?

Hier die Englische Beschreibung

"Load layers from spreadsheet files (*.ods, *.xls, *.xlsx)

This plugin adds a "Add spreadsheet layer" entry in "Layer" / "Add new
Layer" menu and a corresponding button in the "Layers" toolbar.
These two links open the same dialog to load a layer from a spreadsheet
file (*.ods, *.xls, *.xlsx) with some options (use header at first line,
ignore some rows and optionally load geometry from x and y fields).
When this dialog is accepted, it creates a new GDAL VRT file in same folder
as the source data file, expanded with a .vrt suffix which is loaded into
QGIS using OGR VRT driver.
When reusing the same file twice, the dialog loads its values from the
existing .vrt file.
No need to install additional dependencies."

Martin Schneppmüller