[FOSSGIS-Talk] Dick Schaap on Interoperability and Standardization @ Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Do Jul 7 12:31:36 CEST 2016

Dear Lists,

Interoperability and Standardization for Marine Sensors and Observation 
Data - Dick Schapp (MARIS) exemplifies the need for standardization in 
the marine community in his keynote for the Geospatial Sensor Web 
Conference 2016.

52°North is proud to announce Dick Schaap as the keynote speaker for the 
upcoming Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2016 [1]. Dick Schaap is the 
managing director of MARIS B.V., a company developing web based services 
and applications in the fields of oceanographic data management, 
geographical interfaces and websites with complex information 
structures.  He is a longtime strategist in the domain of ocean and 
marine data management and has extensive experience in the coordination 
of a range of EU projects on marine data management infrastructures. As 
the technical coordinator of SeaDataNet [3] - the pan-European 
infrastructure for ocean and marine data management - and of the Ocean 
Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP [4]) with participation of leading 
data management experts from EU, USA, Canada and Australia, he acutely 
aware of the need for interoperability and standardization in the marine 
community. He is also heavily involved in the definition, development 
and implementation of the European Marine Observations and Data Network 
(EMODnet [5]) and its range of thematic data portals.

Registration for the Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference is now online 
[6]. The conference is free of charge and in English.

[1] http://52n.org/conference
[2] http://www.maris.nl/
[3] http://www.seadatanet.org/
[4] http://www.odip.org/
[5] http://www.emodnet.eu/
[6] http://52n.org/conference/registration

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