[GRASS-de] JGrass 1.0 released

Andrea Antonello moovida at katamail.com
So Jul 31 20:13:39 CEST 2005

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JGrass Development Team

JGrass 1.0 First Official Release Candidate
Open Source Java Geographic Information System

The JGrass Development team has available for download the
first official release candidate for version 1.0 of the JGrass
Java based GIS software. JGrass is a Java based GIS built on
top of the open source GIS GRASS (http://grass.itc.it) and is licenced
under the GNU
GPL. The sources can be found at HydroloGIS, Italy

The goals of the JGRASS project are:
* Portablility, enabling GRASS to be fully functional on the
  Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac-OS platforms;
* Extensiblity, providing a framework for the incorporation of
  user developed interactive and non interactive modules;
* Standalone/Networked Access, allowing standalone operation
  interacting with local and networked databases, but also
  allowing remote access to its spatial processing
  capabilities to enable group interactions;
* Scripting, providing a java based scripting engine to allow
  the development of application scripts;
* Ease of Use, providing all the features common to state of
  the art GIS applications.

JGRASS aims to bring GRASS to production environments as opposed to the
research environment. The improved user
interface and scripting facility will allow an application
oriented user environment focused on the task to be performed.

The current version brings enhancements to pre 1.0 beta
versions such as:
- improved display system. Much faster!
- new jogl 1.1.0 if you experience problems with the
  videocards, please send us a bug report
- lots of new hydro-geomorphologic modules
- enhanced supports for GRASS commands under linux and macos
- compiled native GRASS commands for windows can be called
  inside of JGrass!!!!!
- support for various format as native resources (display of
  maps in their native format, import is now made throught
- new tools:
  * r.profile - trace map profiles
  * r.correct - interactive editing of maps
  * g.statistics - statistic tools for raster maps
  * group.create - creation of groups of maps to use as
    timeseries or layers


Please download and try it out, and let us know of your
comments, good and bad. We are trying to solve many issues and
the more users the quicker this process will be.

John Preston (john.preston at uwimona.edu.jm)
Andrea Antonello (andrea.antonello at hydrologis.com

HydroloGIS - Environmental Open Source Solutions

Andrea Antonello
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