[Fossgis-talk] 52North Security API 2.0.2 available

Ann Hitchcock (52north) hitchcock at 52north.org
Mi Jun 10 09:41:29 CEST 2009

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Dear List,

52°North's Security & GeoRM Community announces the release of the Security API Version 2.0.2! The major improvement of this release is the preparataion of the WSS implementation to support HTTP Basic Authentication as an alternate protocol, making the use of the facade webapp obsolete. This feature will be available in the upcoming Web Security Service (WSS) 2.1.

The Security API 2.0.2 fixes the following bugs:

 *   Bug 154: Empty fields in WSS Management Application yield exception
 *   Bug 192: Enable WSS to act as an HTTP Authentication-enabled security client
 *   Bug 225: Show available URLs/authentication schemes for enforcement points in WSS mgmt app
 *   Bug 226: Exception when name for new enforcement point is already assigned by another enforcement point
 *   Bug 227: Exception if specified protected service url is not a valid url
 *   Bug 228: WSS management app shows stack trace if no interceptor was selected
 *   Bug 229: Error when applying changes of WSS configuration if all enforcement points were removed
 *   Bug 234: Make Transferable's attribute lookup case-insensitive
 *   Bug 235: Provide AuthenticationScheme that requires no authentication at all

Please note that this is just a release of the API modules. The applications based on this API -- WAS, WSS, and WSC.Web -- have yet to be updated.

More information http://52north.org/maven/project-sites/security/api/2.0/index.html.

Download http://52north.org/maven/project-sites/security/api/common/download.html.

Security & GeoRM Community Website http://52north.org/maven/project-sites/security/index.html.


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