[FOSSGIS-Talk] Cfp: Workshop on Testing Geospatial Web Services - Scientific SDIs

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Do Feb 16 08:02:05 CET 2012

Dear Lists,

52°North announces a call for participation in and presentations at the
"Workshop on Testing Geospatial Web Services - Scientific SDIs" at the
<http://agile2012.imag.fr/> AGILE 2012 in Avignon, France. The workshop aims
to outline the state of the art and the technical and scientific issues
related to Geo Web Services, its testing and Scientific SDIs. Best practice
examples will be discussed. Further goals are the development of consistent
testing strategies and the support of geospatial research in major EU
programs, science and education.

The full day workshop will be held in conjunction with this year's AGILE in
Avignon, France, on April 24, 2012. Workshop topics include:

*	Different (Scientific) SDIs and testing activities on an European
*	Geo Web Service software tests 
*	Research issues in the field of Geo Web Services 
*	Different testing methods and testing strategies with a special
focus on interoperability, compliance and performance 
*	Technologies for developing testing facilities 
*	Implementation, organization and contents of Scientific SDIs 
*	Usage of Scientific SDIs for dissemination of research results and
stakeholder work 
*	Related best practice outcomes of European Geospatial Research
Projects (e.g. BRISEIDE, GLUES et al.) 

Abstract deadline: March 1, 2012 

More information at


Best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


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