[FOSSGIS-Talk] Geospatial Sensing Conference 2020 - Call for Abstracts

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Do Mär 19 16:57:44 CET 2020

Dear List,

We realize that many are currently in the process of cancelling 
participation in events or are in the process of cancelling events 
themselves. Despite the current uncertainty, we hope that the Corona 
Virus situation will have developed to a point that we will be able to 
hold our conference in Münster at the end of August. If this is not 
possible, we are planning to hold it as a Web Conference. The 52°North 
Open Innovation Network now publishes the Call for Abstracts based on 
this decision.

Geospatial Sensing 2020 - From Sensing to Understanding our World

Earth observation networks, e.g. in-situ sensors and remote sensing 
systems, deliver a multitude of data capturing the state of our 
environment. These data sets are highly valued by scientists and 
stakeholders from a variety of domains and backgrounds such as 
hydrology, marine sciences, traffic management, environmental 
monitoring, energy supply or smart city systems. An active research and 
development community works on new approaches to share, manage, 
discover, analyze, and visualize geospatial sensor data. The Geospatial 
Sensing Conference provides a platform for scientists, developers and 
users to examine current challenges, present best practices and discuss 
future developments.

The conference takes place August 31 – September 2, 2020 in Münster 
(Germany).  Our focus ‘From Sensing to Understanding our World’ includes 
sensor data interpretation, analysis and visualization, tools and 
infrastructures for sharing geospatial sensor data, and novel sensor 
platforms. Join us to discover, exchange ideas about, and discuss new 
developments, emerging technologies, as well as ongoing research 
activities in the field of geospatial sensing.

The 52°North Open Innovation Network invites researchers, software 
developers and practitioners to submit abstracts as presentation 
proposals. This year’s program includes an EDC Forum session, which 
particularly invites members of Esri’s EDC community to present and 
discuss their work in the field of Geospatial Sensing.

Download the full Call for Abstracts here: 

Please stay tuned for more information.

Best regards,

Ann Hitchcock (GS Conference 2020 Team)

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